National Lung Cancer Audit


The Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project (ILCOP) brought together multidisciplinary healthcare teams from different NHS trusts to share best practice in diagnosing, treating and supporting patients with lung cancer, to ensure improvements in survival and quality of life.

ILCOP drew on data from the National Lung Cancer Audit to identify variations in performance by NHS trusts in delivering lung cancer care. Lung cancer is the commonest cause of cancer death in the western world with around 38,500 people being diagnosed in the UK each year. Long term survival rates for lung cancer patients are generally poor, but there are also wide variations in treatment patterns and survival across the UK. ILCOP's aim was to support multidisciplinary teams to consistently improve standards of care and therefore improve patient outcomes, both in terms of clinical measures and the patient experience.

ILCOP objectives:

  • To identify the reasons for variations in lung cancer outcomes
  • To apply proven quality improvement methods to target specific problems
  • To collect patient experience data
  • To collect patient experience data

Outputs from the project can be downloaded below...

Improving care for lung cancer patients: improvement stories from lung cancer teams

The purpose of this booklet is to give lung cancer teams across the country an overview of the aims, activities and achievements of the Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project (ILCOP).

Evaluation of participation in the Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project

The aim of this evaluation was to find out more about participants’ views and experiences of taking part in the ILCOP programme of activities in order to inform efforts to ensure the spread and sustainability of ILCOP’s work, and to inform future cancer-related quality improvement projects.

Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes in the West of Scotland

The ILCOP patient experience questionnaire was distributed in the outpatient setting within The Beatson Oncology Centre & Gartnavel General Hospital over a period of 6 weeks to review the quality of care given to lung cancer patients in NHS GG&C.

ILCOP Patient experience survey

Developed in 2010 in collaboration with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Macmillan Cancer Support and the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses. It has been used by Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists in 30 hospitals across participating in the “Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project” led by the Royal College of Physicians.

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