National Lung Cancer Audit

About the NLCA

Commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, the National Lung Cancer Audit (NLCA) works with a number of specialists to collect hospital and healthcare information. The NLCA reports on how well people with lung cancer are being diagnosed and treated in hospitals across England, Wales, Jersey and Guernsey.

The NLCA was developed after it was found that lung cancer patients in the UK had worse outcomes than comparable countries that spend a similar amount of money on healthcare. There was also considerable variation between UK healthcare organisations.

The NLCA began to collect data on patients with lung cancer in 2004, in order to review the quality of lung cancer care and to identify areas for improvement and reduce variation in practice. The NLCA produces annual reports that summarise the analysis of information collected on patient care. The reports highlight where lung cancer care is good, areas for improvement and make recommendations for clinical teams in England and Wales.

The NLCA strives to raise standards across all lung cancer clinical teams in order to improve treatment and outcomes for patients with lung cancer.

Who's involved?

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